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While this is not exactly a new post, I do have an exciting announcement to make about a new service I am offering through Roll Models.

Scott Drotar KU PPT Club
The students in the University of Kansas Pre-Physical Therapy Club were a great audience, and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking for them.

Whether it is a toast at a wedding, a presentation to your superiors at work, or giving a speech for a volunteer group to raise funds, we all have to speak in front of people at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, is one of the most common fears people have, with nearly 75% of people reporting having some anxiety/nervousness before taking the microphone. Surveys even show that the majority of people fear speaking in public more than death! It does not have to be this way however, since studies have also consistently shown that receiving some training or advice on how to deliver a great speech can drastically reduce your anxiety.

After reading this information and letting it percolate for a few days, I saw both an opportunity to help others and create a new service I could offer through Roll Models. Over the last year, between reading every book on speaking I could find, watching countless hours of great speeches online, and of course delivering numerous Roll Models talks of my own, I have accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge about how to give a great speech and feel comfortable while doing it. Everything from where to stand, what to wear, how to position your hands, and a thousand other things need to be addressed before getting on stage in order to speak effectively. By sharing my knowledge of public speaking with others, I can help them to overcome their pre-talk nerves and give a speech they can be proud of.

Thanks to some fantastic advice from my brother, I also had access to an efficient, yet effective, tool to offer this service quite quickly. This amazing tool is the website, www.fiverr.com. This website is an online marketplace with a twist, you have to offer your service for $5. You are free to offer pretty much any service you like, just as long as you charge a “fiverr.” I highly recommend that you check it out, and while you are there, stop by my profile at www.fiverr.com/sdrotar. I currently only offer two services, statistical analysis help and speech preparation advice, but I have many more coming soon.

I hope you will check it out and consider my services for your own public speaking anxiety issues should they arise. Also, if you know of anyone with an upcoming toast, speech, or presentation coming up, please let them know about my new service.

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