A Special Delivery

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Scott Drotar New Wheelchair
It may not look like much quite yet, but this chair is amazing. I am excited to have the “Rolls-Royce” of power wheelchairs.

It is here! As I have mentioned in previous posts, for the last six months I have been working on getting a new, power wheelchair. Since I ordered all of the parts and submitted bills to insurance in early October, and having gone through this process several times during my life, I figured it would be at least Thanksgiving before I would see my new ride (if insurance denied certain parts even longer). Much to my surprise though, not only did my insurance approve everything I asked for, but all of the parts have already been delivered to my home. Now, I still have to program the electronics and get the seating set up and such, but it is here. It is pretty exciting to know that within a couple of weeks that I will be in a brand new wheelchair that I can drive on my own. I cannot wait to get my freedom back. I will be sure to keep you posted as I get it up and running over the next few weeks.

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2 thoughts on “A Special Delivery

  1. Scott, I am so excited for you! Now you can go out and enjoy the world before it gets too cold. Next week we are suppose to get a warm up so get that Elmer Fudd hat out and roll on my dear friend!

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