A Wheelchair Breakthrough!

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Yesterday I had another meeting with the wheelchair technician building my new chair, as well as a representative from a wheelchair vendor, to try out another possible hand control for my new power wheelchair. This control is made by Permobil, and it is called the VIC proportional finger drive control. It uses infrared technology to track finger movements, which allows individuals with minimal muscle tone, like me, to operate their wheelchair without applying any amount of pressure. After getting to try it out this afternoon, I am happy to report that it was a perfect fit for my needs. I could easily manipulate my finger in the device, and I had no problems using the various functions it comes with. It will be a great fit for me, and I am so excited to have finally found a hand control that I can use completely on my own. While it will still be a few months before I even get a glimpse of my new wheelchair, it feels really good to have solved this part of the puzzle, as now we can start submitting paperwork to insurance and ordering parts. This was a huge step forward in this process, and it feels nice to make some major progress. To share this exciting experience with you, I even have a short video that the wheelchair representative took of me using the VIC control. I know that the quality is not great, but you can still see me operating the wheelchair with no effort at all.

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