Book Review: “Getting To Yes” by R. Fisher and W. Ury

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It is time for the second installment in the “Scott Drotar Literary Review”. This week we will be discussing the best-selling book on negotiation, “Getting To Yes”. Remember as always that I am not a book critic, and these are my opinions. If you disagree with my thoughts, or better yet agree with them, please leave me a comment, and we can discuss it.

I will admit that I actually had this book on my “ebookshelf” for quite a while before I read it. I thought it would be a businessman’s take on artful communication that focuses on short-term gains instead of long-term effects on relationships. That is not how I like to communicate so I was hesitant to start it. It was well reviewed though, and I consult with a lot of businesspeople, so I opened it up thinking that at the very least, I would learn what not to do. I could not have been more wrong.

“Getting To Yes” is definitely one of the best books on communication ever written. The authors do an amazing job of showing how to reach agreement in the most difficult types of conversations. Not only that, but they also focus on achieving win/win outcomes that foster strong, long-term relationships. They accomplish this by introducing their four step process. Each section is loaded with examples, many of which are from the real world, that help to illustrate each part of the process. Everyone stands to gain from reading this masterpiece, whether they negotiate in the boardroom or at the dinner table. I find myself applying the lessons found in this book almost daily, and this book motivated me to go on to read their follow-up books “Getting Past No” and “The Power Of A Positive No”. I have nothing negative to say on this one, because they nailed it. It gets a “Yes” from Roll Models and a 5 out of 5.

5 Chair Rating

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