Book Review: “The Tell: The Little Truths That Reveal Big Things About Who We Are” by Matthew Hertenstein

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Before I get going on the book review, I should give you some background information. First off, I am an avid reader. My Kindle is definitely on my list of “Scott Drotar’s 3 favorite things”, and I have probably funded an entire Amazon drone with my ebook habit. I guess even though I am no longer in school, I will always be a student at heart. I typically have between 4 and 6 books that I am currently reading, all on different topics. I very rarely read fiction, instead I read on various topics in psychology, communication, sociology, technology, or anything else that grabs my interest. As a way for you to learn more about the topics I speak and consult on through Roll Models, I will periodically post my thoughts on books I read. In addition to giving my opinion, I will also give a rating of 1 to 5 “handi-capable signs” on the Roll Models Review Scale. Here is the first installment.
“The Tell” was an interesting, insightful read that kept me wanting to read more. The author does a fantastic job discussing what are very complex psychological phenomena in a way that is accessible to almost any reader. While specific studies and findings are frequently cited, they are broken down in a manner that creates a story for the reader. The topics covered are diverse, ranging from detecting autism to the truth about “gaydar” to assessing your arguments with your spouse. Regardless of the topic though, the information was insightful and entertaining. An added bonus was that each chapter ends with 3 take home or interesting discussion points that help summarize what you read. The only negative about the book was that a few of the chapters felt a little long and repetitive. Overall though, I would recommend this book to anyone interested in human behavior, psychology, or anyone who wants interesting conversation starters for parties. “The Tell” gets 4 out of 5.

4 Chair Rating

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