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Scott Drotar Carestaf
Hands down, Carestaf is the best nursing agency I have ever worked with.

Today I traveled to Overland Park to give a Roll Models talk to the employees of Carestaf, the homecare agency I get my nurses through. It was a real privilege when they invited me to speak, because they work extremely hard to keep me staffed and meet my needs, and this was my opportunity to repay some of that. I was initially unsure of what to speak on, but after speaking with the owner and brainstorming a bit, I came up with the perfect topic. I decided to talk to them about trust. This seemed appropriate, not only because it is an important skill that we all should think about, but also because when you get down to brass tacks this is really what they are selling as a homecare agency. They tell their clients that they can trust that the people coming to take care of them are qualified and trustworthy.

The talk went very well, and they were an attentive, engaged audience which made it lots of fun for me. They asked great questions that showed that my message had gotten through to them and had provoked some thought. It was great to finally get to speak with them face to face after 5 years of talking to them on the phone to arrange my nursing. All in all, the talk was a good experience for everyone involved.

I have included a portion of my talk below. It is a clip of a visualization exercise I had them do to try to show them the amount of trust their clients must have to function, and how hard that can be.

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