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Roll Models Coaching 1It is difficult to explain how I go about helping people because every case is different, and the longer I do this the more I learn and evolve. Like I said in my overview though, my goal is to get you to your best solution. As a trained quantitative psychologist, I employ numerous methods and techniques to help you get to this point. I use elements of cognitive behavioral therapies, neurolinguistic programming, waking suggestion, emotional freedom techniques, as well as a myriad of others. Sometimes I even make up a technique I have never used before if it will help my client!

My sessions are very much a dialogue, and the more you talk the better. It is only by hearing you talk through your thoughts, feelings, and problems that I can understand how your mind works. Once I have an idea as to how you process information, I can assess how to guide you to your best solution. By asking you questions and probing your mind, we will get you to the outcome you seek.

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2 thoughts on “My Method

  1. Mr. Drotar,

    Just received a letter today and learned that you will be sharing and inspiring the JESSE staff on 8/6/14. Look forward to meeting you and learning from you too.

    Thank you for your time,
    Shannon Best

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