Inter-Personal Consulting

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The second type of corporate consulting that I do is in inter-personal skills. Every business, no matter how big or what type, centers around dealing with people. Whether it be between clients and salespeople, managers and their staff, or two CEOs negotiating a merger, all companies rely on successful communication. However, most people, even MBAs and Ph.Ds, never get formal training in the skills necessary in dealing with people. My workshops are designed to fill in this gap in our knowledge and to give people the tools they need to communicate more effectively, and thusly become more productive employees.

Inter-personal skills come in many forms depending on who is doing the communicating, what they will be talking about, for how long, etc. As such, I have workshops that cover a wide range of skills. The exact details of my workshops are decided upon after speaking with the client to discuss their needs, but a few examples are:

–Leadership Training (how to communicate with your staff)

–Building Rapport (how to speak with clients)

–Conflict Resolution (how to communicate through problems)

–Negotiation Tools (how to get to the best solution)


To get more information about my consulting services or arrange a workshop, please send an email to

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