Statistical Consulting

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I offer a wide range of data analysis and statistical consulting services. I am well trained with a B.S. degree in mathematics from the University of Notre Dame and a M.A. degree in quantitative psychology from Kansas University. I have over 1,000 hours of consulting experience on various types of data. I also spent 4 years as an analyst at a consulting center. I have been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals, including Structural Equation Modeling and the Journal of International Business Studies.

I provide an assortment of statistical and data analysis services. Since the services provided are determined by the needs of each individual client, a complete list of services cannot be provided. Some of the services that I offer are listed below:


–Data visualization

–Descriptive statistics

–Correlation/measures of association

–Multiple regression

–Power analysis

–Item analysis

–Effect size



–Missing data techniques

–Multilevel modeling

–Categorical data methods

–Non-parametric data methods

–Structural equation modeling

–Factor analysis/data reduction techniques

–Multivariate regression

–Bayesian modeling techniques

–Trend analysis/forecasting

–Multilevel structural equation modeling

–Survival analysis

–Frequency analysis

–Chaos theory

–Latent growth curves

–Dyadic data analysis


The amount and types of services needed are determined by the nature of the data, the inferences to be drawn from the analysis, what stage the project is in, etc. The specific techniques that will be used are decided upon after discussing things at the initial meeting.

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