Dancing Nachos

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Today your post comes via the BraunAbility Blog. You learn about one of my favorite memories from my childhood, and it was only made possible thanks to my van. Enjoy! http://www.braunability.com/ability-voice-blog/.

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2 thoughts on “Dancing Nachos

  1. Scott, You make my heart sing with joy to see your overcoming spirit–which you’ve always had, but it has been nourished and grown through the years. And yes, I’ll have to agree you are very handsome. What a surprise to know you as a little guy, then see you all grown up, but the most marvelous thing is about those bright eyes that never lose their light and excitement. You have such a gift to give to the world–the joy, the desire to keep learning, to keep socializing. You have made so many friends who love your knowledge and social skills! Keep growing, Scott! Yes, you were always special in my eyes, but much of it is who God gave you as such marvelous parents who continue to support you as well as your friends. Please consider me in that category ! I send a bunch of love to you! Mrs. Lightfoot–your now OLDER principal!

    1. I do have wonderful parents, and without their unyielding dedication and sacrifice for me throughout my life I would never have been able to live the life I do. I am truly lucky that I have the 4 people in my family to help and encourage me. Thanks for sharing!

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