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I have traveled to lots of amazing places throughout my life, which is something I am incredibly grateful for. While the Drotarcade has given me the ability to explore the world though, it can only take me so far. Nowadays, most people don’t think twice about their ability to fly anywhere in the world without much effort. You just go to a website like or, select your flight, and you are good to go.  When you have a major disability and/or use a wheelchair however, things are not quite so simple. In fact, for a lot of disabled individuals the logistical issues that come with air travel make flying impossible. In today’s post, which is located on the BraunAbility Blog, you will get a look into these obstacles and learn about what traveling is like for physically disabled people.

Scott Drotar Grounded
When you have a severe, physical disability and use a wheelchair, air travel is a logistical nightmare.
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