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Scott Drotar KATIA Project
The KATIA Project is devoted to ending violence against women.

Violence against women is a major issue in our society. I doubt you could find anyone who has not either been the victim of a violent crime against women, like rape, domestic abuse, or sexual assault, or knows someone who has. Studies have even found that as many as 20% of female college students are the victims of a sexual offense. It is sad that we live in a society where you can talk to your house to adjust the temperature, receive news as it happens no matter where you are, and sequence the entire genetic make-up of anyone in a matter of hours, yet we still allow this most barbaric and heinous of crimes to plague our culture. It is our moral obligation to put an end to these despicable atrocities committed against the women in our society – our mothers, sisters, and daughters – once and for all. One group that is devoted to this cause is the KATIA Project, and I have been given the great honor of being a part of their work.

Scott Drotar KATIA Software
The KATIA software uses facial recognition technology and linguistic analysis to identify potential online predators using dating sites to prey on unsuspecting women.

With social media and online dating sites having gotten more and more popular in recent years, online predators have begun using these websites as hunting grounds, which they use to lure unsuspecting women and children. The KATIA Project is devoted to protecting women from these violent, abusive men through their web-based, screening tool, KATIA. KATIA is a computer program that uses facial recognition technology and linguistic analysis to identify potentially dangerous men that use online dating sites to lure their prey. This state-of-the-art software combines two types of analysis to protect women from online predators. First, KATIA can compare online profile pictures against all known mugshots of violent criminals. Second, it uses advanced statistics and mathematics, along with data compiled from decades of research in linguistics, to analyze emails or text messages and identify speech patterns indicative of abusive behavior. You can learn more about the science behind KATIA on the KATIA Project website.

Scott Drotar KATIA
By developing programs like KATIA, we can put an end to violence against women once and for all.

To run a KATIA screen, all a woman has to do is upload the online dating site profile photo of a man, along with a text or email message that he has sent her, and in only 3 hours she will receive a message, straight to her inbox, with the results of the KATIA screen. This email will contain information on any mugshots found that match the image that was uploaded, as well as a report on any linguistic patterns that are indicative of abusive behavior. This gives the woman the information she needs to remain safe from harm and prevent any abuse before it happens. Any woman can book a KATIA screen for a fee of $15.

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