“Waterscapes” Announcement

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Scott Drotar Waterscapes
Joan taught me to paint, plus so much more, during our time together.

Today I have an exciting announcement. Many years ago when I was a teenager, thanks to a local newspaper article about my experiences as a disabled person, I got the incredible privilege of having an amazing individual enter my life. This generous, patient, and extremely talented woman, Joan Darflinger, after reading about me in the paper, got in touch with me and offered to give me private, art lessons in my home for free. While I did not at all consider myself “artistic” at that point in my life and was not sure I would enjoy painting, I decided that it could not hurt to give it a try, so I accepted her offer. Over the next year or so, not only did Joan teach me to paint and discover my creative potential, but she also showed me a lot about how to live life the “right” way too. I will always be grateful for the kindness she showed (a complete stranger) and the lessons she taught me, and I am so happy now to be able to return some of her goodwill through Roll Models.

Scott Drotar Joan's Blog
I have been given the honor of contributing to Joan’s blog.

Joan has been asked to write a Walter Foster art book, which is a really big deal for those of you unfamiliar with the “art world.” The book is going to be called “Waterscapes,” and it will be by Joan Darflinger. It is going to be released this Fall, so be sure to be on the lookout for it, as you will be amazed at Joan’s talent. To help build up anticipation for the release of “Waterscapes,” the publisher of the book has asked that Joan start a blog. In order to get her blog going, she gave me the honor of contributing a Roll Models article that I had written about our time together to her website. I am extremely flattered that she would want my words on her blog, where all of her fans will see. Please take the time to visit her site, and perhaps order her book, so that I can begin to repay some of the kindness she showed me.

Did this article leave you wondering something? Are you curious about a certain aspect of my life? Do you want to know my favorite color? Submit your question to “Roll Models Mail Call,” and I will do my best to answer it in a post.

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