www.scottdrotar.com Is Getting a Facelift

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www.scottdrotar.com is going to get some professional help.

I know you are upset that there is no new blog post today, and I apologize for that. Before you start pelting me with nasty comments and emails though, you should know that, while there is not a new post, I do have an exciting announcement about Roll Models and www.scottdrotar.com to share with you today. This is something that I have had in the works for a while, but this week it has officially materialized and is definitely happening. I am stoked about what this is going to do for Roll Models, and I am confident that you will feel the same way.

While www.scottdrotar.com meets all of my needs and is dependable, I will be the first to admit that it is nothing special. When I first created the website, I was mostly focused on content. I was concerned with getting the information about myself and Roll Models, as well as my blog entries, presented clearly. As a result, things like making it easy to navigate, marketing myself well, and the aesthetics of the site were pretty much ignored. I have added a few little things since, but it is still very basic and in need of improvement. Making www.scottdrotar.com function and look more professional however, requires knowledge of html and programming skills that I do not have. Like so often in life, it was not what I knew, but who I knew, that allowed me to solve this problem.

My former roommate and good friend is a talented programmer. He had visited www.scottdrotar.com before, and he had noticed that the mobile phone version of the site wasn’t loading the way it should. One day on Facebook, he messaged me and brought this to my attention. After chatting for a bit he volunteered his services as a programmer and web designer free of charge to Roll Models. After emailing over the last few weeks to discuss exactly what I want the site to look like, we had our first live meeting yesterday during which we put the green light on this partnership. In addition to all of the issues I have mentioned here, there will also be some other new features added to www.scottdrotar.com that I think you will be really excited about.

We have no definite timeline for this project, but I will keep you posted as we make progress. I also want to let you know that as we are working on this, there may be brief periods when www.scottdrotar.com will not be accessible. Please just be patient with us, as we will do our best to keep any disruptions to a minimum. I hope you are as excited about this as I am, as I cannot wait to show it to you.

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